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Featured products

Anapolon (Anadrol)
(by Syntex)
normal price: € 80.00
price: € 55.00
(you save € 25.00)
Oxymetholone,buy anaplon,Anapolon

Special offer

2 X Sustainbolic 250 - Asia Pharma
normal price: € 280.00
price: € 220.00
(you save € 60.00)
Sustainbolic is 1 of the beneficial and important drug which is used in the body development. The hormone plays a great role in your body as it helps in the development of the body during the age of puberty.
20 x Primobolan Depot - Schering
normal price: € 360.00
price: € 300.00
(you save € 60.00)
Primobolan is considered as a confined and soft steroid. It is because of the fact that the level of androgenic is really low. This drug is ideal for treating the breast cancer which are faced by women and also for the AIDS patients.

3 X Xenical - Roche
(by Roche)
normal price: € 540.00
price: € 490.00
(you save € 50.00)
Xenical is a prescription drug given to people who are obese or want to reduce their weight.

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